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I’m Leanne, a freelance writer and disabled entrepreneur, and when I’m not writing articles or helping others with their businesses, I am The Inconstant Gardener. My blog features gardening tales, life and gardening with ADHD (and autism, CFS). It is also 100% wildlife-friendly. Every Tom, Dick, or slug and wasp is allowed in. Keep reading for wildlife-friendly gardening tips. Also keep reading if you do not mind an excessive enthusiasm for wildlife, quizzes, museums, and plants. Grab a brew.

This Week in Wildlife: Wasps

Wildlife Gardening With Wasps

Tips for managing wasps in a wildlife-friendly way

They are a vital part of the natural ecosystem. However, they don’t have a cosy, fluffy image that bumblebees have. It doesn’t help that UK tabloid newspapers love to find dramatic stories of any animals that have stung, bitten, or attacked a single gardener or holidaymaker…

How Wasps Help Gardeners

What do wasps do? I found out how they help gardens

Without the presence of wasps, gardeners would have a lot more pest problems in the garden…

Start Wildlife Gardening

6 Steps to Attract Frogs & Toads in Your Garden

Plenty of gardens are host to frogs and toads without the presence of a large pond. Check out these 6 steps to encourage them into your garden or plot.

9 Reasons Why You Should Spare the Slugs & Snails in Your Garden

When gardeners gather together to chat about all things plants, whether they grow flowers or vegetables, it is not long before the topic of slugs and snails comes to the fore…

Container Gardening

Small Is Beautiful: Grow These Container Vegetables

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  • How Wasps Help Gardeners

    While nature lovers have welcomed bees, wasps are often sprayed, chased, and misunderstood. Yet without wasps, gardeners would be dealing with far more pest problems…

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